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The Reporter Article by Brian Bingaman – Different Level of Connectivity

West Chester-based Line Systems is creating presence in regional local market

LANSDALE — If you’re in the telecommunications business, and you’re not Comcast or Verizon, it can be tough getting your name out there.  Hilltown resident Rich Sommer, a Senior Account Executive for business voice and data solutions provider Line Systems, knows from being in the industry 14 years. It’s why the company is a member of the PennSuburban Chamber of Commerce.

He said that’s what makes his company stand out – whether it’s high speed internet, secondary data storage, cloud services, Multiple Protocol Layer Switches to seamlessly connect your company phone network, Voice Over Internet Protocol or “Plain Old Telephone Service” – is “smoother installs”, higher accountability and less layers of management. When you encounter a problem, and you’re a customer with Line Systems, you won’t be transferred several times before you get to who you need to speak to, Sommer said.

“A smaller company is more agile, to do things correctly. Billing issues that would take two to three months (elsewhere) can be done in a week, he said. “It’s the process and procedure and price.”
Too often in telecommunications, Sommer said, the prevailing attitude is “if it works, who cares?,” and a customer’s needs get eclipsed by corporate concerns of mergers, acquisitions, and layoffs.
“I’ve been employed by two other companies that offer the same services. Line Systems is a company that does things better. It was refreshing. Here’s the company philosophy the way it should be”, he said.

Besides customer service, the only big difference between Line Systems, and what its Vice President of Operations, Warren Reyburn, referred to as “the monoliths”, is Line Systems doesn’t do cable TV, and doesn’t offer residential telephone service, at least not yet.

“We don’t take bad business for the sake of taking market share”, Reyburn said.  Service tickets can be tracked in real time online at www.linesystems.com, and Reyburn said that customers get a direct phone line and direct e-mail for their trouble-shooting point of contact. “You don’t have to deal with 14 different people”, he said.

The privately held Line Systems, which makes $50 million in revenue annually, has 110 employees in its 20,000 square-foot West Chester headquarters and Voorhees, N.J. satellite office. The company has network in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

According to Reyburn, the company began in the 1940s as a coin-operated phone booth supplier, and adapted as the market-place began to shift in the 1990s from voice-centric to data-centric.
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