Traditional Voice

LSI’s basic voice services Include:

  • POTS
  • Long Distance (LD)
  • Toll Free
  • PRI


POTS lines, or Plain Old Telephone Service lines, are the most basic form of a telephone network connection. This basic voice service is cost effective and reliable solution for the smaller business environment desiring a simple yet dependable service. Although just a simple analog solution, there are many additional add-on features available, including Caller ID, Speed Dial, Voicemail, Three-Way Calling, e911, and Call Waiting. Additionally, LSI offers both dial X and assume dial 9 Centrex options.

Available Additional Add-On Features:

  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Call Block
  • Call Forward Busy
  • Call Trace
  • Call Transfer
  • Caller ID
  • International Blocking
  • Line Blocking
  • Per Call Blocking
  • Priority Call
  • Speed Dial
  • Voicemail

Long Distance

Long Distance calling, simply put, is a telephone call made outside of a certain designated area, usually categorized by an area code. Long Distance service from LSI comes with an underlying LCR with IP available as well as traditional SS7 Trunking.                                                                                                                                                                                                *LSI’s Long Distance service is available in multiple bundled packages.

Toll Free

LSI’s Toll Free service is a special number, with an area code of 1-800,877,888,866, or 855 (in the United States only), that is 100% free for the calling party. Once a Toll Free number is dialed, the call is terminated to a customer specific destination, or a standard 10-digit number (i.e., 610.355.9700). Line Systems offers Basic, Managed, and Enhanced Custom Toll Free Packages.

  • Basic Toll Free gives customers the ability to terminate calls into their place of business without cost to the originating Party.
  • Managed Toll Free grants customers online portal access to adjust point-to numbers in real time without having to contact LSI. You can initiate changes at your discretion, at any time, from any internet connection.
  • The Enhanced Custom Toll Free Package empowers customers to configure geographic or time-of-day routing based on situational needs or marketing preferences.

International Toll Free Service is available and eligible for use in the following countries:

Anguilla Costa Rica Honduras Netherlands Antilles St. Vincent/Grenadine
Antigua Cyprus India New Zealand Sweden
Argentina Czech Republic Indonesia Nicaragua Switzerland
Australia Denmark Ireland Norway Taiwan
Bahamas Dominica Israel Panama Thailand
Bahrain Dominican Republic Italy Peru Trinidad & Tobago
Barbados Fiji Jamaica Philippines Turkey
Belgium Finland Japan Poland United Arab Emirates
Bermuda France Korea, South Portugal United Kingdom
Brazil Germany Luxembourg Singapore Uruguay
British Virgin Islands Greece Macau South Africa Venezuela
Cayman Islands Grenada Malaysia Spain
Chile Guatemala Mexico St. Kitts/Nevis
China Hong Kong Montserrat St. Lucia
Colombia Hungary Netherlands St. Maarteen

Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

A Primary Rate Interface, or PRI, is a standardized telecommunications service that delivers both voice and data transmissions between a service provider’s network and the end user. Specifically, PRI services from LSI provide businesses with a dedicated, scalable connection that supports a multitude of call types with measured and allowance (for example, 20,000 minutes per month) calling plans designed to fit the unique needs of any size business.

A PRI, or Primary Rate Interface, can also carry Voice and Data with designated channels on a single circuit.  PRIs typically run through a digital PBX with transfer speed/capacity as high as 1.544 MBs with up to 23 channels for inbound, outbound, two-way local, regional and long distance services.  PRIs from LSI can be delivered via Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) methods as well as over Ethernet.

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