PRI/Voice T1

Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

A Primary Rate Interface, or PRI, is a standardized telecommunications service that delivers both voice and data transmissions between a service provider’s network and the end user. Specifically, PRI services from LSI provide businesses with a dedicated, scalable connection that supports a multitude of call types with measured and allowance (for example, 20,000 minutes per month) calling plans designed to fit the unique needs of any size business.

A PRI, or Primary Rate Interface, can also carry Voice and Data with designated channels on a single circuit.  PRIs typically run through a digital PBX with transfer speed/capacity as high as 1.544 MBs with up to 23 channels for inbound, outbound, two-way local, regional and long distance services.  PRIs from LSI can be delivered via Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) methods as well as over Ethernet.

Voice T1

A Voice T1 can handle up to 24 calls at the same time, which can be delivered either via POTS or PRI.  If the delivery type is POTS, up to 24 can be handed off from a standard 1.544MB T1.  If the handoff is PRI, a 1.544MB T1 can have unlimited quantity of telephone numbers that point to it DIDs. Direct Inward Dials, or DIDs, are numbers that can be programmed to ring directly to a specific individual’s desk or to a specific department.  DIDs operate on the assumption that everyone in the company will not be on the phone simultaneously.

Why Primary Rate Interface/Voice T1 Services from LSI:

  • Since a PRI or Voice T1 service consolidates multiple analog lines into one, it is the more cost-effective solution
  • Digital connections allow for clear end-to-end connectivity and high integrity voice calls
  • Data, fax, voice, and videoconferencing can all be executed simultaneously
  • All circuits are managed from LSI’s world-class Network Operations Center (NOC), which operates 24x7x365

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