Voice Conferencing

Voice Conferencing enables multiple users from different locations to dial into one telephone number and participate in the same telephone call. This can be facilitated by way of a toll free number, international access, or for local purposes a simple three way calling feature. This solution provides an easy and efficient way for organizations to gather employees around the globe for meetings and conferences while avoiding costly travel expenses, reducing common scheduling conflicts, and enjoying high quality voice connectors over end-to-end IP services.

Why Voice Conferencing from LSI:

  • Since travel is no longer a requirement to conduct meetings with employees scattered across the world, users can maximize productivity time by eliminating seemingly endless car rides or lines at the airport.
  • Voice Conferencing reduces scheduling conflicts and allows for meetings to occur more efficiently and effectively. Through our call record feature customers can revisit the content of a meeting for a variety of business purposes
  • LSI’s dedicated conference calling cloud based platform, ensures optimal call quality as opposed to many competing platforms that rely on geographically remote hosting options reducing cost effective routes and subsequently call quality
  • LSI’s invoicing options allow clients to rebill subscribers identified by specific participant codes to reclaim possible costs incurred

East to Administer, Easy to Use:

  • Each user is given a bridge number, moderator code, and participant code to run and operate their own personal voice conference independently
  • To use, simply provide your guests with the bridge number and participant code to enter the conference (the moderator code is used only for the organizer of the conference)
  • Your bridge is open 24x7x365 so there is no pre-call setup necessary and you have access anywhere, anytime

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