With Security as a Service (SaaS), we allow you to maintain your own level of control over network applications, any variety of servers, as well as wireless, desktop, and other devices, while still taking advantage of a reliable Managed Service Provider.  Whether you choose to manage it entirely with your own IT staff, would prefer we do, or desire a hybrid approach – the choice is yours. SaaS includes Unified Threat Mitigation System (UTMS) and our Managed VPN service, plus six additional add-on features.

Unified Threat Mitigation System (UTMS):

Line Systems’ UTMS protects your network, or networks, from intruders via a critical layer of security that forms a boundary so traffic between protected and unprotected networks flows through the firewall, limiting access to only authorized users.  The UTMS can facilitate from one single platform: Firewall, VPN, IPS, Email and Web filtering and App control, and load balancing.

How it Works:

  • A variety of options exist, including hardware, virtualized software, or cloud-based appliances.
  • Line Systems defines a security policy based on the organization’s objectives, then implements their policy so that it can be monitored and enforced by LSI’s NOC staff.   The end user also has access through the UserPortal, which allows them to manage spam and install VPN clients, an intuitive browser-based interface, and built-in reporting on all models.
  • As your Managed Service Provider, LSI administers all networks design and firewall instructions, plus ongoing maintenance, patches, and upgrades, as well as conducts regular security policy reviews with recommendations.

Protects Against Common Attacks, such as:

  • Buffer overflow: A hacker sends an oversized field to the system causing a buffer overflow.
  • Backdoor: A mechanism covertly installed on a victim’s system to gain unauthorized access
  • Trojans: A malicious piece of code installed by a hacker to serve purpose other than the authorized user’s original intent.
  • Bling spoofing: A hacker crashes servers and steals IP addresses by predicting a sequence of numbers.

Virtual Private Network (VPN):

With the prevalence of sensitive data being sent digitally in business today, VPNs have gained popularity as a means of cost-effectively carving out a shared yet safe user-specific environment without having to invest capital to deploy a true, physically private network.

A VPN uses the connections within a large network, over our DS1 or Ethernet access points, to carry data within a smaller user community.  Secure SSL or IPsec VPNs provide mobile and home workers with secure remote access from any location at any time.

Benefits of LSI’s Network-Based Managed VPN Service:

  • End-to end authentication and encryption over a fully meshed, private IP backbone reduces network administration while eliminating multiple points of failure
  • Managed router and firewall services are offered to ensure end-to-end management and maintenance to remote offices connecting to the corporate office
  • All circuits are managed from LSI’s world-class 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • VPN service is offered via a dedicated connectivity from 1.5 MBs to Gigabit Ethernet
  • Remote users can connect to the corporate VPN via DSL, cable, TI, etc. with full encryption suite support
  • As your Managed Service Provider, LSI renders a  Sophos-backed hardware environment in the cloud or at the edge

Security as a Service Additional Add-Ons:

  • Web and Email Protection: Allows you to manage and control online employee activity while simultaneously protecting them from web and email threats.
  • Web Server Protection: Secures your network applications and web servers from all types of virtual threats.
  • Wireless Protection: Ensures secure and reliable wireless access.
  • Endpoint Protection: Secures endpoints at any location with a centrally deployed security agent.
  • Load Balancing: Gives priority to your business critical applications while funneling public traffic over a secondary connection.
  • WAN Link Redundancy:  Protects your business from a single point of failure as it pertains to network access providers and local topology.

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