Ethernet Services

The goals, strategies, and processes of a business can vary dramatically from day to day, so the importance of a flexible, inexpensive Internet connection is vital.  With many businesses and organizations today altering the scale and structure of their operating model so frequently, the use of an Ethernet service is a viable choice.

1.5MBs to GB Ethernet

LSI’s Dedicated Ethernet services are a realiable fiber Internet connection, and are available from 1.5MBs to 1GB circuits to ensure organizations have the right bandwidth solution for their unique needs.

LSI’s Ethernet services are an economical and innovative choice for high-speed, high-bandwidth networking challenges.


  • 1.5MBs to 1GB Ethernet circuits
  • 99.997% Network Availability (On-Net)
  • 4.99 MS Latency Guarantee
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center support
  • Real time utilization statistics via our intuitive customer portal
  • Web-based trouble ticket tracking and interaction

LSI’s Ethernet Solutions include:

  • LSI On-E
  • Private Fiber
  • Point-to-Point
  • Fastpath


LSI On-E is a layer one Ethernet over Sonet technology with a centrally managed aggregation port installed on the LSI network.  With LSI’s On-E service, you can now transport Dedicated Internet Access, HPBX, Local Voice, VLAN, and more at 10MB, 50MB, and 100MB increments at affordable prices.

This service is only available in the state of New Jersey and certain PA markets at this time.

Private Fiber:

Private Fiber is essentailly a fiber internet deployment outside of a traditional LSI delivery path by location, and addresses back to the Colo or Data Center.


  • Independent ownership and operation or lease options available (CAPEX vs. OPEX)
  • Flexibility and scalability bandwidth options
  • Reduces dependency on aging copper infrastructure for hi-capacity bandwidth needsInherent performance improvement over copper delivers


  • Dark or Lit options available, SRP deployed at edge device, and network switch determine throughput
  • Lease or facility resource can be rendered protected, or unprotected, with loops and hardware diversity
  • Installed in local campus environments or across public infrastructures


LSI’s Point-to-Point solution uses a single T1, or Ethernet, delivery for both voice and data traffic and designates specific channels for each type of traffic based on your company’s usage needs.  This gives you a dedicated facility for high speed Internet access and aggressive pricing for voice traffic.


  • Provides an exclusive line to your organization or building preventing any type of outside interference
  • Available in 10/50/100MB intervals
  • Data transmission is free of public IP environment


LSI’s Fastpath solution is an all fiber internet, metropolitan area LAN connection service.  It offers lower costs for data communications at native Ethernet speeds between sites with our On-Net LATAs.  Once installed, it allows our network the ability to render all four classes of service with appropriate QoS tagging utilizing EVC/VLAN mapping directly to your HQ as well as to sister offices.

How Does It Work?

Fastpath connects customer locations together at native LAN speeds and Ethernet interfaces of:

1MB, 2MB, 3MB, through 10MB

10MB, 20MB, 30MB, through 100MB

100MB, 200MB, 300MB through 1GB

LANs are extended over a dedicated fiber loop into our Central Office based switches then transported with full redundancy to a replicated Core switching environment to address voice/data or Internet at the application layer.  All three types of services, along with video, can then be prioritized with different Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVCs), ensuring Quality of Service (QoS).


  • Cost effective service for implementing Wide Area Network (WAN) or Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure proper administration and associate financial liability with the underlying provider
  • EVC assignment/VLAN capability to ensure QoS while honoring up to 4 classes of service over one access methodology (voice/video/data/Internet)
  • Coordinated maintenance windows conducted from 11PM to 5AM

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