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With LSI’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service, we help you determine the right level of connectivity for your business to explore the power and performance of the Internet.

To ensure your Internet connection is always up, running, and right for you, we:

  • Constantly monitor your Internet usage patterns through our Customer Care team that in turn makes our findings available in complementary fashion via our customer portal
  • Deliver purpose-built diversity within our network with WAN link redundancy locally
  • Provide industry-based Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

LSI’s DIA services include:

  • Data T1
  • Internet T1
  • Dynamic T1

Data T1:

A Data T1 is designed to transport data signals exclusively.  These T1s use the full 1.544MB for data traffic only.  LSI also offers a wide range of Point-to-Point services for exchanging private data in a secure, public IP exclusive environment.

Internet T1:

An Internet T1 provides WAN connectivity to the LSI network.  They provide a public Internet connection directly to the user.  Internet DS1s can range from 1.5MB to 12MB.  Firewall and Managed VPN solutions are available as well as bandwidth utilization statistics on-line.

Benefits of Data T1s and Internet T1s from LSI:

  • Consolidation to a single Data T1 line can reduce telecom charges and provide a high-speed Internet connection simultaneously.
  • LSI’s T1 services come with a Service Level Agreement that guarantees speed, uptime, and latency.
  • LSI can bond up to 4 DS1s together to render a high-speed allocation.


  • 1.5MB to 1GB Ethernet circuits
  • 99.997% Network Availability (On-Net)
  • 4.99MS Latency Guarantee
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center support
  • Real time utilization statistics via our intuitive customer portal

Dynamic T1:

Built on the concept of a traditional T1, which splits a 24-channel circuit into pre-determined voice and data channels, a Dynamic T1 allows a business to consolidate their need for multiple voice and data lines into one integrated service.  A Dynamic T1 will routinely re-allocate the voice or data need to what is required at any given moment.  For instance, if a business has multiple users on the phone at the same time, the Dynamic T1 will automatically allocate additional voice lines from the bandwidth pool in real time.  Once the call volume settles, the bandwidth will automatically be re-routed back to the Internet pool.

Benefits of a Dynamic T1:

  • You receive the effect of a full Internet T1 and a full Voice T1 for the price of one.
  • Traffic can be prioritized so open channels become available as the most critical information is ready for delivery.
  • The prioritization ensures the Quality of Service (QoS) for both voice and data is not jeopardized.

Never worry again whether your Internet connection is appropriate for your busness needs.  Trust us to do our job so you can do yours better.

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