The full potential of the Internet is endless, but unfortunately, it is a highly underutilized and underexposed amenity in our fast-paced, high-volume society. Businesses of all types and sizes miss out on the opportunity to take complete advantage of what the Internet has to offer, settling for an Internet service that does not quite match the needs and wants or their present and future business model. As a customer-centric Internet Service Provider (ISP), LSI offers businesses a comprehensive suite of data services that meet today’s demands while ensuring they scale for tomorrow’s challenges.

LSI’s Data Services Include:

Dedicated Internet Access

From the fast, dependable connectivity of DIA T1 nxDS1 for the small business up through 1GB Ethernet for more bandwidth-intensive applications, as your Internet Service Provider we help you determine the right level of connectivity for your business with our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service.

Ethernet Services

LSI’s Dedicated Ethernet services are available from 1.5MBs to 1GB circuits to ensure organizations have the right bandwidth solution for their unique needs.


MPLS offers a highly efficient way of moving data.  Using Class of Service (CoS) tagging, network administrators can prioritize applications and traffic types based on their technical requirements, as well as determine how mission-critical they may be to the business and set up the network to address higher-ranking packets first.

Our broad spectrum of bandwidth options optimize connectivity from one location to another.  As your Internet Service Provider, we ensure they not only enable you to enage in current business applications, which require enormous file and image transfers to conduct daily business, but they meet industry regulations and compliance needs as well.

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