Virtual Office

LSI’s Virtual Office solution comes complete with a full set of productivity-enhancing features via a virtual PBX to enable remote users to better manage their business and more efficiently and effectively complete day-to-day assignments from any location.

For businesses with several on-the-go employees, small businesses who desire a large business feel, or any company looking to better run their business– this solution is perfect. Virtual Office, simply put, is a way to run your business through a virtual PBX. It utilizes an Internet connection to access the appropriate feature server rendering full office product suites and the functionality of a traditional PBX.

It not only allows users to perform any number of traditional phone tasks, such as forwarding calls, setting up conference calls, or creating a voice mail greeting, but it is also a practical and effective tool accessible from anywhere, at any time. With LSI’s virtual PBX solution you never have to appear to be out of the office or unavailable.

Key Features:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Toll Free
  • Local Number
  • Call Intercept
  • Voice mail via email
  • Fax via email as PDFs
  • Easy yet powerful online interface
  • Personalized greetings
  • Vanity numbers at both the toll free and local level
  • Call forwarding, Find Me/Follow Me
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Manage online or by mobile device
  • Optimal custom greeting


  • Manage a fluid workforce with greater accuracy
  • Mobilize work force with geographic diversity, bridging remote users with business operation
  • Centralize and streamline customer-call interaction with staff
  • Save on additional analog lines by utilizing Fax to Email bi-directional functionality
  • Incorporate existing remote user number into office environment and tie to extensions
  • Eliminate incremental costs when expanding staffing needs
  • Eliminate wireline consideration from maintenance equation and CAPEX/OPX concerns as it relates to physical network elements (no plant/no inside wiring/no fax machines)
  • Features and functionality of Enterprise level PBX without the CAPEX outlay
  • Local management through comprehensive agent portal
  • Ability to incorporate local existing hardware OR utilize LSI phones (available for lease opportunities)

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