IPfax, or Internet Protocol (IP) Fax, is an internet faxing service that offers a next generation solution to a traditional medium.  Businesses can send and receive faxes over IP, as well as send them to a private email address. LSI offers an always-on, single point of control solution with easily accessible storage and retrieval of transmittals.

Today’s business environment requires security and privacy of multitudes of different information while necessitating the need for an audit trail to comply with industry standards and regulations, such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Features, Functions, and Benefits of IPfax:

  • Reduce CAP-EX costs associated with paper, toner, machine upgrades/replacements, and maintenance contracts
  • Improve distribution of documents
  • Ensure better send/receive ratios
  • Check the status of your inbound and outbound faxes through our online client portal from anywhere, anytime
  • Eliminate the hassle and headache of dealing with outdated hardware once and for all
  • Reduces the cost of sending local and long distance faxes while delivering a 24x7x365 service with 99.997% uptime

How to use LSI’s IPfax solution:

  1. Create (or choose) the document you wish to fax
    NOTE: LSI’s internet fax service supports PDF, TIFF, TXT, and MS Word/Excel document formats
  2. Attach the file to an email as you normally would by either right clicking on the file and choosing “send to,” dragging and dropping into the email, or by using the “attach” button in your email window.
  3. Address your email to phonenumber@lsiefax.com and hit “Send.” You will receive a confirmation email once the transmission is complete.

Additional Important Facts about IPfax:

  • LSI’s internet fax service will only accept mail from allowed domains
  • You must have a unique corporate email domain
    NOTE: We cannot provide service to anyone who has a non-corporate email domain, such as Gmail.com, Hotmail.com, AOL.com, or Comcast.com. 

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