Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery services from Line Systems provides an entire suite of redundancy solutions for customers with various unique needs.  Each of these services provides a different level of protection, but they each guarantee security during service interruptions and ensure employee productivity in light of a primary connection failure. LSI’s Disaster Recovery services include Colocation and Voice and Data Business Continuity.


Focusing on your core business should be your number one priority, not caring for the logistical underlying maintenance needs of your data center.  Colocation services from LSI allow you to selectively outsource servers, security, and applications by leveraging our best of breed, geographically dispersed data centers and network operation center (NOC).

Colocation Benefits:

  • Built in disaster recovery and redundancy
  • Highly available infrastructure and network
  • Physical security
  • Cost effective

Voice Business Continuity

Having a business continuity plan in place is simply smart business. Your communications network is only as good as its ability to deliver always on connectivity. LSI offers Business Continuity as part of its disaster recovery service solution to meet the needs of businesses with 10s to 1,000s of users.  LSI’s Business Continuity for Voice enables seamless failover of incoming calls that are routed to an alternate, predefined number, or numbers, in the event of a T1 service disruption or outage.

How Does Voice Business Continuity Work:

Prior to our installing a T1 at a customer site, a call routing plan is established.  Once the plan is established, the Voice Business Continuity service will occur automatically when LSI recognizes that a voice T1 is not responding within four minutes. This capability allows our customers, who have disaster recovery in place, to protect against failure in the carrier network, their PBX, and local facilities.  Voice Business Continuity services from LSI give our customers the security of knowing they can continue working and remain productive even in the event of a service disruption or outage, 24x7x365.

Data Business Continuity

Data Business Continuity from LSI offers real-time failover to a designated broadband circuit to ensure network continuity in the event of an outage. This service can be applied to any Internet, data service, or HPBX solution to offer businesses the peace of mind of always on, reliable connectivity.

Why Data Business Continuity from LSI?

  • Deploy a proactive plan to ensure continual uptime
  • Meet your industry requirements, regulatory, and compliance needs with redundant data connectivity options
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (support)
  • HPBX redundancy ensures all voice needs and 911 access requirements are met
  • Wireless options for connectivity in remote locations

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