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Line Systems and Recovery Networks Team Up to Provide a Business Backup Solution

Remote Server Backup provides an agentless server backup and recovery solution with all the benefits of data security without the associated challenges of traditional backup services. 

WEST CHESTER, PA — February 21, 2013 — Line Systems, in partnership with Recovery Networks, today announced the launch of Remote Server Backup, an integrated backup and recovery solution powered by LSI’s Virtual Recovery Appliance (VRA), which provides physical and virtual redundancy for an entire system, not just data.

Now available, Remote Server Backup is an agentless solution designed to address server failures, loss of data, or corruption that businesses of all sizes may experience.  The VRA stores the latest complete backup on-site, while sending all block-level, encrypted changes to multiple Recovery Networks’ off-site data storage vaults.  Whether it is to address instability locally or to ensure your environment is protected in the event of a natural disaster, Remote Server Backup is the answer.

“Remote Server Backup is a perfect addition to our comprehensive suite of services and caters to users of all levels of expertise,” said Warren Reyburn, Executive Vice President at Line Systems, “Too often customers seek a solution to a server failure after the fact causing a great deal of unwanted stress and loss of vital information, time, and money.  By partnering with LSI and Recovery Networks, and utilizing our Virtual Recovery Appliance, customers are now able to prevent loss of data with an application that is completely scalable to their unique business needs with management capabilities from any location.”

“Technology today is impressive and has provided unlimited possibilities for businesses of all sizes, but unfortunately, the benefits of technology also come hand in hand with the vulnerability of server failures and data corruptions,” said Tom Dugan, CEO of Recovery Networks, “The LSI Virtual Recovery Appliance eliminates the anxiety and trauma of such costly interruptions by providing continuous data protection for both Exchange and server files while allowing for local and remote recovery in a matter of minutes.  This solution is truly essential for all organizations that value the security and protection of their entire server database.”

Line Systems, Inc. (LSI) is a full-service, integrated communications provider. With a complete line of Voice, Data, and Cloud services, as well as national and international networking capabilities, LSI helps companies located in the Mid-Atlantic region expand their presence and leverage their communications technologies as a competitive advantage. For more information, visit

Recovery Networks is laser focused on providing our clients with the right technology and services to meet their business requirements.  Recovery Networks recognizes that your company’s data is one of its most important assets.  Recovery Networks provides secure, encrypted off-site data backup with business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities that allow for rapid recovery of any lost data and the assurance that your business is back up and running with minimal disruption after a data loss event has occurred.  Recovery Networks’ goal is to eliminate the need for a number of independent vendors and ensures ongoing business continuity no matter what size disaster affects your business’s mission critical systems and data.  For more information, visit

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