Account Support Team and Escalations

The direct contact information for leadership in the Customer Care, Provisioning, and Billing departments.

Customer Service

Technical Support

Direct Sales

Business Relations Tier I Tier II Robert Martin
Monday-Friday 7am – 7 pm 24/7 Commercial Sales Director
888.808.6111 / 610.355.9700 888.808.6111 / 610.355.9700 Phone: 419-724-7636  Cell: 419-575-2758
Mike O’Brien Email: 
Ruth Potter Tier II Supervisor
Business Relations Manager Phone: 610-355-9765 Warren Reyburn
Phone: 419-724-3707 Cell: 856-685-8516 Executive Vice President Telesystem
Cell: 419-806-5200 Email:  Phone: 610-355-9739
Email: Cell: 610-213-7427
Mike Williams Email:
Kerri Wiley Tier II (off hour) Supervisor
Customer / Network Support Director Phone: 610-355-9742 John Martin
Phone: 419-724-3804 Cell: 302-220-7199 President Telesystem
Cell: 419-654-1097 Email: Phone: 419-724-3860
Email:  Cell: 419-654-1860
Kerri Wiley Email:
Denton Parson Customer / Network Support Director
Executive Vice President Telesystem Phone: 419-724-3804

Indirect Sales

Phone: 419-724-3864 Cell: 419-654-1097 Bruce Wirt
Cell: 419-654-1942 Email:  Channel Sales Vice President
Phone: 610-355-9745
John Martin Denton Parson Cell: 214-353-7583
President Telesystem Executive Vice President Telesystem Email:
Phone: 419-724-3860 Phone: 419-724-3864
Cell: 419-654-1860 Cell: 419-654-1942 Warren Reyburn 
Email: Email: Executive Vice President Telesystem
Phone: 610-355-9739

Service Delivery

Cell: 610-213-7427
Chris Schrader Email: 
Service Delivery Director
Phone: 610-355-9703 John Martin 
Cell: 856-357-5682 President Telesystem
Email:  Phone: 419-724-3860
Cell: 419-654-1860
Brian Reachard Email:
Service Delivery Manager
Phone: 610-355-9783
Cell: 856-889-9893
Denton Parson
Executive Vice President Telesystem
Phone: 419-724-3864
Cell: 419-654-1942

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