Customer Care

The customer care experience is only as strong as its weakest link.  At LSI, we pride ourselves on handling every touch point with our customers with the same level of care and communication that we would expect ourselves.  From the moment you become a customer of LSI, you have complete transparency into all aspects of your business with us throughout the engagement lifecycle.

Our goal is to do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.  We work hard to ensure your experience with us is as seamless and as effortless as possible every step of the way from implementation, to support, to billing.


LSI operates its Network Operations Center (NOC) with true 24x7x365 staffing located at our HQ in West Chester, PA.  We are proud to offer the following capabilities:

  • An intuitive Customer Administrative Portal affords transparency and control
  • Timely, professional and technical staff manage the platform
  • Policies and procedures to ensure industry-leading reliability standards
  • Defined Support Tiers:
    • Tier I Support – Traditional Call Center with full staffing
    • Tier II Support – Initial level of engineering support
    • Tier III Support – Full engineering support (Design, Lab, Problem Escalation, etc.)
  • Dedicated “Enterprise” resource (certified and tenured staff) for large, complex implementations
  • Clear escalation paths with names and direct contact (phone and email) information

See why our customers view us as their technology partner and not just another vendor.

For all support questions or ticket submissions, email

Easy to Read, Easy to Understand Invoices:

Each monthly invoice you receive will include all details of your account, including local and long distance usage, fees and surcharges, outbound call details, payments and credits and any other related information pertaining to your specific account.  We organize your bill by location, and each section is clearly labeled to minimize any confusion or misinterpretation.  We hold the unnecessary technical jargon and give you the most clear, straightforward information you need to make and understand your payments.

Transparent Access to Your Account:

As part of our transparent customer engagement philosophy, we feel that as a valued LSI customer, you deserve easy access to all levels of your account.  Through our secure, online customer portal, you can view an electronic copy of all monthly invoices.  You also have the option to set up various call-detail reports to be shown on future invoices and can request a navigational tutorial at any time.

For all billing inquiries, email

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