How do I check voicemail?

From your LSI phone: If you are receiving voicemail messages to your phone, press the Voicemail button on your Aastra phone to access the system. If checking from a Polycom phone, press the Messages  key to connect the message center.

Outside the Office: If you usually receive voicemail messages to your phone, but want to check them outside of the office, you may dial your direct dial number or extension to call yourself. While your voicemail message plays, press * then enter your PIN to access voicemail.

Email: You may set up email notification instead of or in addition to phone notification of voicemails. When this is active, voicemails will be sent to the email address of your choice as a .wav file. To set this up, access your Personal Commportal and go to the Settings-Messages section. Check the forward messages to email option, enter up to fiver separate email addresses, and save. If you also want to receive notifications to your phone, check the leave original in inbox setting as well. If neither of these options are checked, all voicemails will go to your phone.

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