How do I change the ways I get voicemails?

You can change how many rings your phone rings before it goes to voicemail as well as how you are notified of any voicemails received. Both may be modified in your Personal CommPortal. After logging in, go to the Settings-Messages section of the portal.

To modify how long your desk phone rings before going to voicemail , change the “Incoming calls are forwarded to voicemail” field. There are approximately 6 seconds per ring, so having an “18” in this field would indicate approximately three rings.

To modify how you receive voicemail:

  • To receive voicemail to emails, check the forward messages to email option, enter up to five separate email addresses, and save.
  • To receive notifications to your phone, check the leave original in inbox setting as well. If neither of these options are checked, all voicemails will go to your phone.

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